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“Tailoring an opera for a child audience is unique. My daughter is five and was entranced!”

Parent from a participating school group, Los Angeles, CA

by Natalia Valli

April 22 & 23rd, 2023

Casa Italiana -

Downtown Los Angeles


"The Pinocchio opera production was a delightful experience that we thoroughly enjoyed.
The vivid visual presentation brought the story to life in an enchanting manner. The
music was captivating and provided a sense of joy.  The orchestra was delightful, and the
opera singers were amazing, bringing the characters to life with their voices." -
Audience Member

"Their singing was robust and energetic, filled with emotion and the action of the scene. could hear
them clearly and wonderfully and was able to follow the scene with prompts above the stage" -
Audience Member


La Ninna Nanna della Fata
sung by Gabriella Rodmac

"So thoroughly enjoyed your Pinocchio Opera last week. Your composer, performers, musicians, singers and dancers were excellent and engaging. What incredible, captivating, budding and accomplished talent!"

Thomas N., CA

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