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“Opera is an art form that combines drama, story, music and visual elements in a live performance, and this production was a great example of that.”

Jeanette B., CA

“Tailoring an opera for a child audience is unique. My daughter is five and was entranced!”

Parent from a participating school group, Los Angeles, CA

"So thoroughly enjoyed your Pinocchio Opera last week. Your composer, performers, musicians, singers and dancers were excellent and engaging. What incredible, captivating, budding and accomplished talent!"

Thomas N., CA

Artistic Spotlight on Angela Brandonisio

Forthcoming artist and guest with Opera Italia

Opera Italia ~ LA profiles musicians, singers and artists of the community as role models for children and young people.

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Angela Brandonisio - art table.jpg
Angela Brandonisio - ocean scene.jpg

How old were you when you started painting and how did you obtain training as an artist?

I used to paint when I was a child, but I actually started painting as a hobby my second year of community college. I would take art classes alongside my regular courses for fun. I would say my art journey began in 2016 when I was 20.


I realized in college that art was my true passion, I taught myself how to paint, then eventually took art classes that were specific to painting. 

What would you like to do with your art as your career unfolds?



Currently, I work as an art instructor. My dream has always been to teach art. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree in studio arts at Cal State University Fullerton, and I plan on applying for my masters very soon! I hope to one day teach university level art as a professor, specializing in drawing and painting. 

Who is your own favorite artist and what is your greatest source of inspiration? ?

One of my favorite artists include one of the old masters, Michelangelo.

 I would say my greatest source of artistic inspiration would be color. Specifically in nature, landscapes, skies. My favorite things to paint are nature scenes

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