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"The  Fortunate  Deception"

by Gioacchino ROSSINI


Delicious Pranzo (Luncheon) and OPERA

at the 

Casa Italiana

1051 N Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, 90012

12 noon   Doors open, Luncheon Served & Opera begins

SPECIAL Opera TRICK or TREAT for Kids & Youth!!!


A Warm and Spirited Event!

Enjoyment for the Whole Family!


Elisabeth Fortescue-Hall, soprano, sings the role of the Duchess Isabella, alias Nisa


Max Ary, baritone, sings the role of Duke Bertrando


Duke Bertrando and Duchess Isabella are expecting you for Pranzo (Lunch)!!

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Our Performance supports the Italian-American Museum of Los Angeles;  Opera Italia brings a special show to the museum for Italian Heritage Month

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Working on CHARACTER ops in the making!

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Creating themed centerpieces...

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Introducing the Opera Italia ​CREATE - CREW

Angie, Fiona and Margaret

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Before the action begins, Isabella is happily married to Duke Bertrando. Jealous villains Ormondo and Batone tarnish Isabella's reputation and cast her adrift in a boat on the sea. She is rescued however by the captain of the local miners, Tarabotto, who then disguises her as his niece, Nisa. Isabella guards her identity secretly from everyone...

The setting is  "The distant past" in a seaside mining village in Central Italy.

The opera begins ten years after her rescue. Duke Bertrando goes to visit the mines. Isabella, who is still in love with her rightful husband Bertrando, finally reveals her true identity to Tarabotto her rescuer. Tarabotto promises to help her. 

But how can he?

Join us October 30th, at the gracious Casa Italiana...and find out!!!

But What is the Fortunate Deception???


Il Ritratto -
The Portrait

...which uncovers all deceits...

When the Duchess Isabella is unjustly betrayed and banished from the palace, she secretly takes one object with her...which she saves, hoping one day to regain love and honor...Will she succeed?
And just WHO does the painting portray?
JOIN US OCTOBER 30TH, at Casa Italiana...and find out!!!

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Sung by Andrew Pringle


Welcome to Opera Italia

Classical and Unforgettable

Opera Italia's first Opera event, "Opera, Story & Song!" is Sunday, May 15, 2022 -- at Casa Italiana

tune in with us as the stage gets set!

We aim to kindle the stories of classical opera and stir them to life in music and song.

Our performers will vivify timeless characters and make them real...

for an experience  to inspire and invite.

Time for refreshment and mingling will start our afternoons -- opera aficionados to mix with newcomers. Young, middling and older spirits are all welcome...

...for as in Italy, Opera Italia knows that opera is for everyone!

 Our family of talented artists is diligently at work to bring you the best productions.

  • Stay tuned for their forthcoming offerings!!

  • Check back and see what we are up to! 

Orchestra Audience

Artistic Spotlight on Angela Brandonisio

Forthcoming artist and guest with Opera Italia

Opera Italia ~ LA profiles musicians, singers and artists of the community as role models for children and young people.

Angela Brandonisio.jpg
Angela Brandonisio - art table.jpg
Angela Brandonisio - ocean scene.jpg

How old were you when you started painting and how did you obtain training as an artist?

I used to paint when I was a child, but I actually started painting as a hobby my second year of community college. I would take art classes alongside my regular courses for fun. I would say my art journey began in 2016 when I was 20.

I realized in college that art was my true passion, I taught myself how to paint, then eventually took art classes that were specific to painting. 

What would you like to do with your art as your career unfolds?

Currently, I work as an art instructor. My dream has always been to teach art. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree in studio arts at Cal State University Fullerton, and I plan on applying for my masters very soon! I hope to one day teach university level art as a professor, specializing in drawing and painting. 

Who is your own favorite artist and what is your greatest source of inspiration? ?

One of my favorite artists include one of the old masters, Michelangelo.

 I would say my greatest source of artistic inspiration would be color. Specifically in nature, landscapes, skies. My favorite things to paint are nature scenes


Art in Opera

Piano on Stage
Ochestra in Action
Empty Orchestra Stage

Design, sketch, drawing and painting are all part of the production of an opera

...from props to sets & scenery, opera needs artistic support!

Angela has much to offer Opera Italia's audiences; watch for her original pieces in our upcoming productions!


An Afternoon of Sacred Music

Opera Italia will join with the Choir Singers of St. Peter's Parish to produce a special concert of Sacred Music
on September 18, 2022 at the acoustically superb St. Peter Italian Church
1039 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mary image_edited.jpg

11:00am High Mass
12:00 noon - 12:30pm Concert
Refreshments Follow!

Stabat Mater - Victor Robledo, Oliver Chan accompanist_Moment 2.jpg

Victor Robledo, Tenor, singing Rossini's Stabat Mater, accompanied by Oliver Chan


Stabat Mater - Air, by Rossini, sung by Victor Robledo, accompanied by Oliver Chan


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