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Opera for everyone, 

Social, Beautiful, Cultural, FUN!

And of course, with Italian food!~~ ~

Opera Italia invites you ~~
Lovely Voices, Splendid Sounds 
Saturday, December 2, 2023
St. Peter Italian Church
1039 N Broadway, LA 90012

Festive Dessert Reception to follow in Casa Italiana, (adjacent)



Christmas Magic Concert - flyer jpg.png

Elegant AND Hilarious!

“Opera is an art form that combines drama, story, music and visual elements in a live performance, and this production was a great example of that.”

Jeanette B., CA

Artistic Spotlight on Angela Brandonisio

Forthcoming artist and guest with Opera Italia

Opera Italia ~ LA profiles musicians, singers and artists of the community as role models for children and young people.

Angela Brandonisio.jpg
Angela Brandonisio - art table.jpg
Angela Brandonisio - ocean scene.jpg

How old were you when you started painting and how did you obtain training as an artist?

I used to paint when I was a child, but I actually started painting as a hobby my second year of community college. I would take art classes alongside my regular courses for fun. I would say my art journey began in 2016 when I was 20.


I realized in college that art was my true passion, I taught myself how to paint, then eventually took art classes that were specific to painting. 

What would you like to do with your art as your career unfolds?



Currently, I work as an art instructor. My dream has always been to teach art. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree in studio arts at Cal State University Fullerton, and I plan on applying for my masters very soon! I hope to one day teach university level art as a professor, specializing in drawing and painting. 

Who is your own favorite artist and what is your greatest source of inspiration? ?

One of my favorite artists include one of the old masters, Michelangelo.

 I would say my greatest source of artistic inspiration would be color. Specifically in nature, landscapes, skies. My favorite things to paint are nature scenes

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